Tulisa Contostavlos Catwoman Costume

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X Factor Tulisa Contostavlos Catwoman CostumeIn October 2011 the stunning Tulisa Contostavlos catwoman costume really turned fans heads. She was the only judge on the show to make an effort with Halloween and it really paid off as she looked incredible in the skin tight catsuit. Hats off to her we say.

The ensemble of a leather catsuit and matching leather belt added to the headband ears makes for a great look on her.

She’s returning in the summer for a new series of the X Factor and we’re all hoping for some more steamy outfits in the new season.

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful X Factor judge, who’s just hit the headlines again thanks to a sex tape that was released over the last few days.


Catwoman Catsuit

Tulisa holidng hands with other X Factor judges Alexandra Burke and Louis Walsh.

Tulisa Contostavlos Catwoman Costume

Tulisa Contostavlos Catwoman Costume

Check out the Tulisa Contostavlos catwoman costume in this video from the X Factor show:


What do you think of the catsuit? Did you see the sex tape? Let us know your thoughts below.

Britain’s Next Top Model Winner Jade Thompson in a FDQ PVC Catsuit

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pvc catsuitWhen Britain’s Next Top Model gave us at FDQ a call looking for a PVC catsuit we were only too happy to help. With the stunning ladies strutting their stuff on the catwalk we thought that nothing could be sexier than a slinky black PVC catsuit to wow the audience and judges. From the images we’ve been provided with the final look is nothing short of spectacular.

The lady in the shots is BNTM contestant Jade Thompson, a fantastic girl with a phenominal amount of talent. Did she win this season of Britain’s next top model? She certainly did! If you missed the season or the finale you can catch up with them on Sky Living.

What makes a PVC catsuit so special?

Seriously, who doesn’t love the look of a skin tight, sexy PVC catsuit? The obvious first thought takes us back to 1992 when Batman Returns was released and Michelle Pfeiffer stamped her name firmly into the cosplay hall of fame. Since then ladies year round have pulled on a black PVC catsuit and mask in an attempt to replicate this now iconic look.

pvc catsuit

Can I pull off a PVC catsuit and where can I buy one?

Are you kidding me? Of course you can! A decent catsuit will transform anyone into a goddess that any man would drool over. Match it with a pair of knee length PVC boots like Jade did in the picture above and you are sure to turn a few heads no matter where you go.

If you want to buy one we sell a range of PVC catsuits that will fulfill most requirements. We have a full catwoman costume pvc catsuit that includes a corset and mask aswell as catsuits that have beentailored to match different looks. We also offer custom made late catsuits that will match the new one worn by Anne Hathaway in the Dark Knight Rises.

New Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume Pictures

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Anne Hathaway Catwoman CostumeThe Anne Hathaway catwoman costume is the most anticipated Halloween costume of 2012 and with recent leaked on set shots we have a better idea of what to expect. Previous official photo releases gave us some clues as to what the final outfit will look like but these shots from the Dark Knight Rises set have really cranked up the critical opportunities open to us.

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume Photos

Reviews from fans and media critics were not great when the previous official images were released and it doesn’t look to have improved much with these latest pictures. The Anne Hathaway catwoman costume was built up to be incredible even before the first pictures emerged. It looks like a rubber or latex catsuit with thigh high boots, a utility belt and an eye mask. The boots look to be made from leather with a silver heel.

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume

So what will fans think of these new Anne Hathaway catwoman costume pictures? I can’t see many of the original haters changing their minds but our blog team don’t mind it at all. Obviously with these being grainy set shots we don’t get the full big screen experience that we will all encounter when we go to the cinema in July 2012. On screen I can see this outfit looking incredible, but in pictures I can understand if some fans are skeptical.

Here are a few more pictures for you to ponder over, but we still say remain patient and trust in Christopher Nolan! The Anne Hathaway catwoman costume next to the Batman costume worn by Christian Bale looks pretty kick ass.

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume

Katwoman Porn Movie and a Rubber Catwoman Costume

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catwoman costumeA Rubber Kinky Catwoman Costume in a Porn Movie

The latest catwoman costume that we were recently introduced to comes in a form that some of our audience will already be familiar with. Let us introduce you to Katwoman, a sexy version of the feline vixen that stars in a Batman Returns based porn movie. Having only seen some promotional photographs to base our opinion on (though if the production company wants to send us a review copy we certainly wouldn’t complain) we think the leading lady looks pretty hot. Also featuring an alternate looking Harley Quinn costume and a Jack Nicholson Joker costume the cast all look ace alongside a really kinky rubber catwoman costume.

Sexy Catwoman Costume

We certainly arn’t complaining at this one. A standard rubber or latex catwoman costume matched with a PVC corset, a rubber half cat mask, PVC over the knee boots and a long bull whip you can make your own Katwoman outfit. It honestly looks appropriate enough to wear out of the house at a cosplay event or comic book convention and is guaranteed to ensure you are showered in attention. Obviously if you budget is abit tighter you could always just go with the PVC Batman Returns catwoman costume, which you can pick up for less that £50 (around $80) if you buy it with the corset and mask. Another alternative would be to buy a plain black vinyl catsuit, add stitch marks either with thread or white marler pen and pick up a cheap mask. The whip you can just grab from your private collection under the bed. Kidding! Or not, we’re not here to judge!

Check out further details about the movie here.

catwoman costume

catwoman costume

catwoman costume

Sophie Monk Wearing a Catwoman Costume

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catwoman costumeSophie Monk Catwoman Costume: Hot or Not?

Yet more travelling around the interwebs brought us to this little stash of pictures of the Aussie model Sophie Monk wearing what looks to be a vinyl catwoman costume. Now first of all it’s not the PVC number that I have come to love but I can deal with that in my own time. Some of the shots are incredibly provocative, which makes me a very happy bunny I must say. If you are visiting this site I can presume you feel the same way.

The catwoman costume is going to be big news over the next year or two, many more if the Anne Hathaway catwoman costume is anything to phone home about when we finally get to see it on screen. The screen shots have disappointed many but we say “CALM DOWN!”. Mr Nolan has plenty of time to make it look brilliant on screen and that, at this moment in time, is what matters.

Who Pulls the Catwoman Costume Off Better?

Sadly for Sophie the list is a pretty long one. First off the Michelle Pfeiffer catwoman costume is my numero uno when I think of the catwoman costume. It is the outfit that all other catsuits will be compared against, I think on that note we are all in agreement. Our favourite burlesque performer Dita Von Teese does wonders in a latex catwoman costume as she has the figure for pulling off the tight catsuit as seen in our previous post. Last but certainly not least we have the Adrianne Curry outfit, which also looks excellent on a lady who could make my old underwear look bootylicious (On a side note, I can’t believe the spell checker actually knew this word, very impressed!).

catwoman costume

catwoman costume

catwoman costume

To see more Sophie Monk catwoman costume pictures visit the Guyism website here.

Model Latex Catwoman Costume Pictures

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latex catwoman costumeFinding the best latex catwoman costume pictures

This week I have focused on finding some sexy latex catwoman costume pictures for you all to have a look at and boy did I hit jackpot. We are currently looking for a venue for our photoshoot as we have a very hot black latex catwoman costume catsuit and a yellow latex catwoman catsuit based on the one worn by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. In the mean time I thought some latex catwoman costume research was in order so that we know what positions and poses would be best for the shots.

Frankly I couldn’t have done much better that browsing through the modelling shots on Model Mayhem. The site has a ton of latex catwoman costume pictures with a massive range of girls in them.

The best latex catwoman costume pictures I could find

It didn’t take long to find a good selection of fantastic latex catwoman costume shots or pictures of latex catsuits as they are increasingly popular in todays fancy dress scene. I decided to publish these shots as they show just how good a well fitted latex catwoman costume can look before Halloween this year. If you are considering buying a latex catwoman costume I would seriously think about getting a custom made one produced.

latex catwoman costume

latex catwoman costume

These pictures and more are taken by Mike Cohen – StudioMC

latex catwoman costume

See more of Rili’s pictures here

How to make a Halle Berry Catwoman Costume

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halle berry catwoman costumeOk, so it’s widely accepted that the movie was a complete bomb but the Halle Berry catwoman costume does take its place in the Batman hall of fame. It’s no Michelle Pfeiffer PVC number granted but it wasn’t the worst outfit we’ve seen on a hero or villain.

What you need to make a Halle Berry Catwoman Costume

Glad you asked. I went researching on the internet and found a great video guide made by a lady detailing how you can make a Halle Berry catwoman costume or an outfit in a similar style. You can see the video here. Let me know if you give it a go and how it turns out.

Is the Halle Berry catwoman costume any good?

I think so. As I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t the worst thing to come out of the movie that’s for sure. However the beautiful woman wearing it goes some way to forming my opinion, so it might be influenced a bit by that. Anyway, I like the Halle Berry catwoman costume and I applaud any lady who is brave enough to wear it on a winters night when the temperature is way down. In that circumstance I would obviously go with the Batman Returns catwoman costume.


Dark Knight Rises Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume Pictures Released

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Well it’s finally happened, pictures of the new Anne Hathaway catwoman costume worn by the beautiful brunette in the Dark Knight Rises have been released and it is not what some of us were expecting. The outfit is a major nod towards the current comic book series and is much more practical in its design than previous incarnations. Fan reaction has been mixed to say the least with many very unimpressed with the jumpsuit. We on the other hand are reserving judgement for now as frankly we have no clue if this will be the only catsuit or if it is an attempt to throw us all off the scent. It is still a long way before the release of the movie so before slamming it I will sit back and continue to enjoy the hype.

So without further ado here are the Anne Hathaway catwoman costume images to have been released/leaked to date.

Official Anne Hathaway catwoman costume picture release from the Dark Knight Rises set

A side shot of the Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume from the Dark Knight Rises movie set.

What do we think about the Anne Hathaway catwoman costume?

Well my reaction certainly wasn’t anywhere near as negative as some fans. I read some truely awful comments over the last few days on a number of fan and news websites. Some even went so far as to say that they wouldn’t go to see the movie based on the Anne Hathaway catwoman costume pictures. Really? Going over the top slightly are we?

The lovely lady herself came out in the press and expressed her disappointment with the comments then went on to say that we have only seen a tiny amount of what the final catsuit will do on screen. Fighting talk from the new feline wonder, lets just hope that the final outfit is a show stopper. I have no doubt it will be but the critics are sharpening their knives.

What do the Anne Hathaway catwoman costume shots tell us?

It is interesting to see the Batpod in these scenes and again we are reserving judgement before jumping to any conclusions based on a few shots. Will she team up with Batman to work together? Could she have stolen the bike from the caped crusader? Who knows, certainly not us.

With that note we continue to look forward to the movies release next year with momentum and anticipation rising by the day.

PVC Catwoman Costume Video

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So we spent a tiny bit of time producing a video that shows the catwoman costumes that our company offers via our retail site. The montage includes a selection of shots from our very own photoshoots using various models that we think you might all enjoy. The girls were all terrific to work with and all had a lot of fun wearing the costumes. Lets face it, who wouldn’t?!


Catwoman Costume Video

We have also received a number of latex catsuits that will be shot soon and I hope to do some video work on the same day, so check back soon to see (hopefully) a few new images and maybe a video or two of our incredible models strutting their stuff :)

New black PVC catsuit picture from our latest modelling shoot plus bonus extras

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So, we had a photoshoot for this PVC catsuit and many more outfits on Sunday 31st July at the Leeds Corn Exchange (beautiful building in the middle of Leeds city centre), which was fantastic. The girls that turned up were fantastic and did a terrific job. I thought I should share a few pictures from the shoot and hope you all like them. All of the products can be purchased at our website here: http://www.otleyrunfancydress.co.uk/43-adult

A sexy black PVC catsuit worn by Laura

If you like that PVC catsuit you will love our full range

A sexy black PVC mini dress worn by Laura

A sexy black PVC mini dress worn by Laura from the side

A sexy black PVC mini dress worn by Laura